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Exclusive guest access only


The KITEA Courtyard

Walking on the footpath outside you peak through a gap in the walls and catch a glimpse of what looks like a secret sanctuary, there’s no entry to be found but you feel a strong sense that this is a place you want to be.


Reserved exclusively for our guests, the KITEA Courtyard is designed to create connection. Consciously planned to create a space to come together, share the adventures of the day, drink in hand by a fire or around the petanque pit.

What was it that you enjoyed so much about travelling the first time you ever ventured out on your own? If you’ve ever done the hostel thing, it was likely the connection with like-minded travellers that was often the highlight and fuelled the best adventures. Travel will always be about adventure and connection, but opportunities to connect with your fellow travellers are no longer built into hotel culture, at KITEA we’re changing that.


Bordered by edible gardens, large fruit trees and lush green walls, unwind and warm up after a day on the slopes around a fire, throw some local produce in the woodfired ovens, meet like-minded adventurers and share your secret trails. We’ll supply the atmosphere and the wine you just need to show up.


Each afternoon, an invitation to join us in the courtyard is left outside your room, a small package with a note -  “The fires are burning, the ovens are hot, the wine has been opened. There’s a selection of locally sourced fresh produce and our herb gardens are overflowing - just waiting for you.” Inside the package, you’ll find freshly kneaded pizza dough ready to be topped and placed in the oven by the coals. Immerse yourself in the tactile experience of creating your gourmet woodfired pizza with the assistance of the courtyard fire master and chef.


The perfect place to not only end your day but start it, take your coffee through the no public access gates to the courtyard to pick a piece of fruit and enjoy the peace before heading out for your adventure-filled day.