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Puku Cafe

PUKU - Maori word (noun) stomach/belly. Often used as an affectionate term for a chubby belly. 

Where your food comes from, matters. How it is prepared, matters. How it makes you feel… well if your puku is happy and your cheeks are sore we know we’ve done our job.


Our chef takes pride in the way his guests feel when they leave his care, whether you have just come to grab a coffee on the run or have settled in for a long dinner with our small batch boutique wine pairings you’re going to leave with a sense of connection, to each other, to the produce, and with yourself - that all too often forgotten version of yourself who likes to explore and learn, to touch and taste, and playfully interact with the environment around you. 

Our mornings smell like freshly baked bread and roasting coffee. As the sun reaches its peak, the aroma of the woodfires begins to fill the air, the local fish, meats and vegetables are being prepared and the wood is being burnt down to the perfect coal. The herbs are being cut from the botanical gardens in the courtyard and the fresh scent is flowing through the café. 


We don’t like to mess with our produce too much. We’re proud of the ingredients, we produced them ourselves or our family of local suppliers lovingly selected them for us. Just the right amount of heat, a flavour enhancing fresh herb or spice, a drizzle of local olive oil and a perfectly matched wine, our lunch and dinner menus represent us to the core; simple sophistication, never overdone, all about the experience. Good for your puku.